Trendy Radiators

Warming up your place in style

Welcome to our Trendy World of Radiators. We are specialists in manufacturing Aluminium Radiators and Chrome Towel Rails.
In our Aluminium range, we use high quality Aluminium metal, which is used in fast developing technologies due to its durability, light weight and elegant design. We truly believe that the selection of raw material used in our products is very important for the quality of our products.
Similarly, we use the best Steel for our Bison Chrome Towel rails. Our towel rails are fully brazed and extra care has been taken in each step to enhance the shine and smoothness, as well as the durability and quality of our towel rails.  All our radiators go through 100% leak test process.

We strive to bring you the most contemporary, stunning, classy and traditional radiators you need to enhance the feel of any place, making it warm and cosy.

Our diverse collection of products are manufactured in Turkey to the highest possible standards; where they are rigorously tested before being shipped and ready to go.

Each radiator comes with a 10 year Guarantee.

For wholesale enquiries, please contact us via our contacts page or email

We aim to maintain the highest quality and the lowest affordable prices possible.